My Moustache Wax Experience

Hey All.

It’s about time I came back to you with an impressive product review isn’t it?

This week I’m going to be reviewing something called moustache wax. For those who aren’t acquainted with it, or haven’t even heard of it before, it is essentially a wax (usually made from beeswax) used to style your moustache – something that is perfect for me as my face is always hairy!

I first found out about the wax when I decided to grow out my moustache a bit longer than usual. For a very long time, I tackled my moustache much like I tackled my beard – I’d trim it with a pair of scissors once a week or so.

I don’t what had gotten into me – maybe I had been watching one too many Magnum P.I. episodes – but a few months ago I suddenly had the urge to stop trimming it, and let it grow out quite a bit.

mighty moustache

I still trim the sides though, to ensure I don’t end up looking like a wise Chinese Emperor. As a result of letting it grow out, it is much thicker now than it used to be – something that I actually really like. I think I look much more manly now which is good (I have a bit of a baby face) and my girlfriend seems to like it to which is a bit of a bonus.

Anyhow, back to the wax. As mentioned, once my moustache was longer, I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep it under wraps. I tried using a bit of my beard balm in it but that didn’t really seem to do the track. I’d heard that beeswax was a good way of controlling it and shaping it too, so eventually I plucked up the courage to purchase some and give it a go.

I 100% do not regret my decision. The stuff is great! I’d heard that there were a few Italian brands selling some good waxes so I decided to search for the Italian translation of moustache wax which is cera per baffi, and before too long I found the wax for me.

I really haven’t looked back since, and highly advise you look out for something similar if your moustache is of similar length to mine.

What Should I Review Next?

Hey Guys,

I wanted to take some time today to ask you what you think I should be reviewing next?

I’ve covered a few good things in the past on this blog but I am thinking of taking it in a slightly different direction. The only problem is I’m not sure which direction!

If you could help me out with a few ideas that would be great. From that I could then begin to work on my next blog post, which I am sure you are all dying to see.

What effect did this balm have on my beard?

After a nice long break over the weekend I felt it was time to give you another review that I’ve been working on. I was a bit of late comer to this recent hipster movement. For a long time I didn’t really get it, and thought it was just a reflection of over-privileged young and mostly caucasian adults attempts to seem individual and cool. It’s quite ironic really. You’d think if there was a hipster manifesto (there totally should be) the first line would say something along the lines of being an individual and not fitting into the crowd is the most important thing in the world.

It’s funny to see them now though in their droves, whenever you walk down the high street or enter a newly opened coffee shop in a previously disused part of town. One side effect of all of this is that beards are suddenly (and I mean in the last couple of years) cool again. Is there anyway to explain this surge in hairiness? Probably not. But the main thing is they are back, and for the meantime it looks as if they are here to stay.

The Classic Hipster

My girlfriend has always told me that beards and facial hair in general hold a special place in her heart. For years I’ve ignored this intermittent hints. To tell you truth, I never really liked the idea of having one. They’re not smart, they look scruffy, they cost money to meantime. Is there anything that I could get out of it, apart from my girlfriend finding me slightly more attractive.

And what if she didn’t like it. All those months of hard work and commitment would have been in vain. Despite all the apparent cons, my girlfriend continued to quietly persist, and would on a weekly basis ask when I was going to grow a beard.

growing a beard

One day I finally snapped. I couldn’t take it anymore. I might as well give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen? I might actually end up liking the way it looks. So I started, or rather I stopped shaving everyday. I was quite amazed by the speed at which it grew. It didn’t take half as long as i’d expected it to. Within two months I had a very reputable beard. The question now was, which accessories should I purchase to maintain it.

After all, this is a blog where I post product reviews, and this wouldn’t be much of a post if I didn’t post some of my thoughts on a particular product. My beard would occasionally get a bit itchy, so I wanted to find something that would help me with this. It came down to a toss up between an oil and a balm. I eventually found a balm for my beard which I honestly thought would do the job. It came in a neat little tin too which I liked.

Long story short, the balm itself is wicked. Not only does it help with the itchiness, my beard smells quite a bit nicer now too. Also it helps me control it and shape it a bit better in the mornings. If I’ve slept in a funny position sometimes I wake up, walk to the mirror and laugh in amusement at the shape of my beard. I give this stuff a solid 4.5 out of 5.

Get Ready For This

A friend of mine read the post I put up yesterday and had the decency to buy one of his own cast iron woks. It’s good to see that my writing is already having an effect on people! Nevertheless, the news is I have another review ready much earlier than I expected. I’m just adding a few finishing touches to it, but I think it will be live tomorrow if not the day after. See you then!

Cooking is no longer a chore with this cast iron wok

Dean is back with the blogs first review. Apart from talking in the third person all the time, I occasionally like to cook dinner for myself and my family. I’m not the greatest of cooks and to tell you the truth my wife is far better. But every now and again I do like to cook up the odd plate of noodles or curry. Whenever I did make these dishes I’d use a very large wok that my wife had received for christmas one year from her parents.

The wok itself was quite large, but unusually light which made cooking with it quite tricky at times. We have gas hobs as well as those metal suspension things that ensure there is a small distance between the gas fire and the pan you are cooking with. These aren’t the sturdiest of surfaces and occasionally you’d be cooking with this old wok, and turn around too cooking or tap a spatula against it too rigorously and the wok would go flying and spin and fall off the hob leaving what was supposed to be dinner cooling slowly on the floor.

cast iron wok

The other week this happened again, and at that point I’d decided it was the last time. I couldn’t let it happen again. I loved cooking with a wok, but desperately needed one that was quite a bit sturdier, as I am quite an enthusiastic and aggressive cook. After looking on some websites on Google I soon found that the answer might just be something called a cast iron wok. As you can probably tell by the name of the thing, this would almost certainly be weightier and sturdy enough for me to cook with it. I bought it and I love it! It isn’t wobbly at all and I actually really love the way it looks. The cast iron makes it look so classy. To tell you truth I’m thinking of getting some other cast iron pots too so I can start a mini collection. Overall, a great buy!