Cooking is no longer a chore with this cast iron wok

Dean is back with the blogs first review. Apart from talking in the third person all the time, I occasionally like to cook dinner for myself and my family. I’m not the greatest of cooks and to tell you the truth my wife is far better. But every now and again I do like to cook up the odd plate of noodles or curry. Whenever I did make these dishes I’d use a very large wok that my wife had received for christmas one year from her parents.

The wok itself was quite large, but unusually light which made cooking with it quite tricky at times. We have gas hobs as well as those metal suspension things that ensure there is a small distance between the gas fire and the pan you are cooking with. These aren’t the sturdiest of surfaces and occasionally you’d be cooking with this old wok, and turn around too cooking or tap a spatula against it too rigorously and the wok would go flying and spin and fall off the hob leaving what was supposed to be dinner cooling slowly on the floor.

cast iron wok

The other week this happened again, and at that point I’d decided it was the last time. I couldn’t let it happen again. I loved cooking with a wok, but desperately needed one that was quite a bit sturdier, as I am quite an enthusiastic and aggressive cook. After looking on some websites on Google I soon found that the answer might just be something called a cast iron wok. As you can probably tell by the name of the thing, this would almost certainly be weightier and sturdy enough for me to cook with it. I bought it and I love it! It isn’t wobbly at all and I actually really love the way it looks. The cast iron makes it look so classy. To tell you truth I’m thinking of getting some other cast iron pots too so I can start a mini collection. Overall, a great buy!

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