My Moustache Wax Experience

Hey All.

It’s about time I came back to you with an impressive product review isn’t it?

This week I’m going to be reviewing something called moustache wax. For those who aren’t acquainted with it, or haven’t even heard of it before, it is essentially a wax (usually made from beeswax) used to style your moustache – something that is perfect for me as my face is always hairy!

I first found out about the wax when I decided to grow out my moustache a bit longer than usual. For a very long time, I tackled my moustache much like I tackled my beard – I’d trim it with a pair of scissors once a week or so.

I don’t what had gotten into me – maybe I had been watching one too many Magnum P.I. episodes – but a few months ago I suddenly had the urge to stop trimming it, and let it grow out quite a bit.

mighty moustache

I still trim the sides though, to ensure I don’t end up looking like a wise Chinese Emperor. As a result of letting it grow out, it is much thicker now than it used to be – something that I actually really like. I think I look much more manly now which is good (I have a bit of a baby face) and my girlfriend seems to like it to which is a bit of a bonus.

Anyhow, back to the wax. As mentioned, once my moustache was longer, I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep it under wraps. I tried using a bit of my beard balm in it but that didn’t really seem to do the track. I’d heard that beeswax was a good way of controlling it and shaping it too, so eventually I plucked up the courage to purchase some and give it a go.

I 100% do not regret my decision. The stuff is great! I’d heard that there were a few Italian brands selling some good waxes so I decided to search for the Italian translation of moustache wax which is cera per baffi, and before too long I found the wax for me.

I really haven’t looked back since, and highly advise you look out for something similar if your moustache is of similar length to mine.

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